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Original Title: 百年夜行 (Hyaku-nen Yakou, says Google)

Producer: PolyphonicBranch

Original Vocal: Hatsune Miku (Append?)

NND | YT | Karaoke


** The parts in quotes are some of the parts that appear in the PV. It’s only what I recognized from memory, and I haven’t found typed out kanji to copy and paste for my laziness…

*The title could also be translated as “One-Hundred Year Night” or so forth, but “Centennial”‘s kinda more poetic, don’t you think?

"The invitation to demons and monsters..."

Sitting around a fox fire, no longer in the dark
Bewitched, singing melodies of the spark
Don't say a thing, don't go leaving
Extended in the air, my fingers leave their mark.

Seeking those flames, there they are. So I've come here, to mar.
I've lost my way, playing on the roadside,
Spinning, now die...

"Now, come."

Fluttering about, fall into this dance with love
A centennial night I take is upon of
Flowing down my brow, suspense and tears both
The moon mourns for it all, ah

"Together, let's fall into the light"
"At the end of the year, the bottom cycles/is reincarnated through..."

Into a floating world, submerged and drowning secondly
Also looming, I emerged out of that pleasently
Like the semblance of a bad joke,
Let's suppose it's called a sin of smoke.

The mask was broken and cracked, a similar fox saw and laughed.
I caught on soon, to the motive of the thief
To its mischief...

"Thousand year flames burn...(?)"

In a dream with you, fall into this dance so true
Forget about your breathing that was so painful to you.
Let us settle for sweet punishment or
Love, and be called, ah

Its hair, its cheeks, and its lips altogether
Tracing those, it's not even allowed ever
Once again, once more, my voice will tell you, see.

Fluttering about, fall into this dance with love
A centennial night I take is upon of
Even in your space, beyond even our bones
Demons mourn for it all, ah

All because of you, you're not worth my regret
Willingly, I'll dedicate my life, no sweat.
Dear demons of night, if we'll jump through leaves
Hold our pledge, and we'll fall before the eves...

"Thousand year flames also, Ten-thousand year flames too..."

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Love Mathmatica

Original Title: ラブマスマティカ

Song: Kimuta (きむた)

Original Vocals: Nekumura Iroha and Hatsune Miku

NND | YT | Karaoke

Scattered in the night sky, stars keep on shining right by.
In such an instant, starlight goes to intensify.
Earphones sounding, all those soundwaves shake in the air.
This is the expressed formula you wanted, oh is that right?

Metaphors, in the human mind and heart right now
A meathod to measure love and so on, I wonder how.
Those measured brain waves stand packaged with emotion saying
[I love you = 3.14] 
And so on, lol.

You can't fool me easily
Since it's not so simple, see.
No more say!
No more tell!
No more grasp!
It's indivis'ble, is that right?
From odd and even, through the night.
Because, because, because, because, because You left me all alone in the light!

If your injuries happen to match fate, I know right from the start that it's still not too late.
Without a past or a future, standing in the dark. I cry my eyes out, but you already left your mark.
From a well lit area of the outside world, shadows slowly carve through time and its insane whirl.
Anyways, the time and place, he forgot to sync. How worthless could that person get, do you think?

Sought out in the amount of affection given to me, a moment of love comes in time ever so slightly.
Ever since birth, the origin, until now and plus everything else
What number will come out as the result, I wonder?

Although it appears to be complex
But the relationship doesn't flex
See, "love" is what linked them together through their story to the climax!

Everything real and fantasy is just, all the same in humans as well, see you must.
Simply an "occurence" is a hazard at first, yes. But from it you can get along with anyone, I digress!
If smiling and laughing can be done so at any time, getting out of a linear relationship should be just fine.
At some point, even tightly tied contracts come undone, and then they simply fade away some.

Don't go missing your target.
Can't you see it's delicate.
Can you see?
Can you feel?
Can you love?
Hey, I was leading a and b
Those two's distance (⊿d)
Their combined angle stays close to 0 indefinately!

You take a look in the mirror and you finally realize, you've been pretending to be stupid for all this time.
Eyes diverted when they saw the answer that they found, and their wounded hearts began to do well at that sound!
∫ (integral) and Σ (sigma) both, they're constantly laughed at. So, where exactly can I begin to add from, stat?
Its distance took place from birth to death, with all those scars. Every single one of them are.

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