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Original Title: 少女と黒い猫 (Kanji for “Kuro” is being weird in this post. Sorry if it shows up as an exclamation mark!)

Produced by: ShigotoshiteP/hinayukki feat. Rin

NND | YT | Karaoke (May have to look through the pages of her blog, but it’s there.)


Trembling, a dirty cat sits outside in the cold rain.
Let it rain, sing a cry, let it wash away the pain.
Freezing, those raindrops hit the ground with each and every beat
And then dry up tears, til the end of me.

Stranded here without being harmed from the start
A girl’s hand stirs with an air of magic’s art.
That flower scene transformed into yellows and reds
Hands fold over flowers, dead

A soft golden light, and a black shadow power
Both pass a girl handing out flowers
Color and aroma, both
They’re similar to those of my home, in growth.

In all those years that rolled by one by one
There’s one rumor heard around all in unison
Finally, people are talking…

The long lost princess without a country is still alive
Bring with her a sense of a strong and noble pride
All follows the use of black magic that had once took those sands
Following to regain her homeland.

For years even, when tears flow down
Just remember, you can’t just give up and frown
This hand’s purpose is to hold those flowers all around.

My memory of the sun long ago
From my home, I’ve been so far away from there, so
And I’ve fin’lly returned once more…!

There’s not a single person who does not come to greet
Even so, everything’s broken in my garden at some feat.
Only this black cat resting in my arms knows what’s happened
It rests, sleeping still in my bosom.

Trembling, a dirty girl (cat) sits out there in the cold air
Under blue, a blue sky, yet resting not a tear
Freezing, the raindrops hit the ground with each and every beat
And then dry up tears, til the end of me.


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Original Title: 夢喰いナイトメア

Producer: PolyphonicBranch feat. Miku

NND | YT | Karaoke


A knife was shoved right into my dreaming in its attraction
In my despair, had a pleased reaction
Muttering something of forgiveness, as it stroked my hair
Gently stroking me right then and there.

Nevertheless still, my tears don’t stop falling on down
Without erasing the past, leaves me ’round
Forced to retire, my fingers tremble at my frown

So should we not curse…? Trapped in this sorrow-clad nightmare of all nightmares
Stealing the moon’s air, and stealing my heart’s fair
My dreams eat as dared
Shouldn’t you come here? Behind all your words, whispered to me in my lair
Agreed in pair, the contract we share
Somehow we’ll grant our desires together for ourselves, that we once declared.

I’ve been living my whole life simply hiding those scars
In my despair; those that I have found are
Forgive me for even just existing in thought
It was the only salvation I had wrought

Nevertheless still, my love for all of you stands strong
And forever, together we belong
Stroking my face too, those trembling fingers work along

Trying to poison me, Trapped in this deadly fraught nightmare of all nightmares
Mourning all time’s air, mourning the present’s share
My dreams eat as dared
So shouldn’t you come here? Dancing together, the book remains closed, unaware
No one ever cares, to know what that fares
Somehow we’ll grant our desires together, for ourselves, that we once declared.

Flames of the fire will only keep on expanding
Even though we’re doomed to die someday soon anyways
From your eyes to your skin, and your mouth, ears and heart, demanding
I want all of that which I can at gaze, all of you which I craze

All I ask of you, is to not look at me as you do
Fingers tightly constrict, Can’t loosen their conflict. It chokes me, that one trick
Oh why is that? So may I ask why, I love you so? Out I try to cry
As it pleases you, I will not die
Faster than ever before, happiness fades forever more.

Let’s end this one last time
End the demise of sweet dreaming’s prime
Speeding to pass and die, the dream flows sublime, away

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Original Title: 希望の橋と自由の魔法
Original Producer: 164

Originally sung by: Kagamine Rin

Karaoke | NND | YT

What would happen if I were to throw everything away?
I’d end up going to the nimble side to play.
Crumbled away to junk, the bridge jus’ there collapsed.
Yet I’ll run across anyways, jus’ perhaps.

Oh should there not have been
A place that I could relax in?

I run across the collapsing bridge with all my might
I hear it falling as I round my way home tonight.
I always regret everything yet I do not wake.
So why do my tears still fall today?

I held my small bag with a looming hanging despair
The bridge was intact, though I thought it fell into the air.
I pretended to be helpless, but you didn’t see.
Yet I still looked around so fearing.

Maybe because I was there,
I believed, magic was in the air.

Even at my feet I felt the waves of freedom roll
Tangible, I could even pick it up in its whole.
Even though I know its weight I still grasp around
But I still can’t stop my tears from falling down.

It was so clearly, a sense of emptiness.
And I sighed, thoughtless
All of it was from within, they’d all tell me
“Just a drop” or “just maybe”
I said once more.

Through my dry tears, my eyes registered the new view
Anyhow, it was comparetively beautiful
To the hope and freedom I clinged still, they have been
Good with the nightmares I still get.

I walk out of the past without destination
Actually, it’s still a bit scary leaving this station.
I had lost something from the nothing that I’ve spun.
I’ll try to look back and see that I’ve won.

Don’t let go of that one.
Just move on.

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Original Title: 影踏みエトランゼ (Kagefumi Etoranze)

Original Song by Substreet

Originally sung by Hatsune Miku

Karaoke | NND | YT

My feet tapped and stepped the ground, earphones hung and outwards did sound.
Alone, I frowned, scowled and sighed, let go of that breath I held deep inside.
Bit some choc’late candy bar, now half eaten, and thrown away far.
“Those little stars up there in the sky, they’ll flow out, ‘very single lie.”

Kicked those small rocks far away, they slid into darkness and dismay.
“That lying moon up there in the sky, it oversees the small world through its eyes.”
Where to go next? I don’t know. Ditching those heavy chains that jus’ held me down.
Where do I go? Still don’t know. Took off my shoes, left ’em ’round.

A hoarse voice seeks that dark hand, caught in the cold, searching everywhere, all across the land.
In this grey world, I can’t breathe. Reality has caught up to me.
Just maybe, if I can reach, then the fish’ll be able to swim about freely.
Then from the bottom of the sea, they’ll mock the cold ground that holds you and me!

Fading footsteps, I can hear, Yet why are they so quiet and clear?
I saw that thin smile grin. Am I still dreaming in light dim?
Just who says that they give up? Says “I can’t live alone”? How irresponsible.
Just who told such a lie? To open their eyes, they’re unable.

So, how many times did I, cry when you raised your voice whenever I sighed?
In a distant world from here, my eyes burned just from seeing this one tier.
Even just looking at that small garden, I feel weak from and so I fell flat.
Though I hold out my hand, I can’t reach my plan.

Alone, standing in the cold. the light manages to reach in me and hold.
Not listening anymore, I can live by flying like in lore.
Think of what? I do not know. Series of emotions crushed in such a show.
Are you going to do nothing? Even though these limbs of mine are still moving?

A hoarse voice seeks that dark hand, caught in the cold, searching everywhere, all across the land.
In this grey light, i can’t breathe. Moonlight continues to pour down on me.
Just maybe, my heart and body, they’ll melt away into darkness, see.
Lightly, casually, you go. Go ahead, step on someone else’s shadow!

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