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Original Title: マインドスピーカー (Maindo Supiikaa)

Producer: PolyphonicBranch

Vocal: GUMI (There’s a らむだーじゃん version too.)

YT | NND | Karaoke (need a Piapro account to DL)

Disadvantages were all truncated, Mama’s stuck with a bad dream in which she hated
On a shadow of the man walking front of me, was stepped on, where I lived fated

And hey, Looking left, looking right, it had all been done before
Left on the tip of the rail, what’s it there for?
Seeing other people covered in common sense
My lungs fogged up in defense

If it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll retreat in my song
Since a compliment suitible for me runs along
Thousands of needles climb on my stretched out vanity
Now I’m of little holes fully.

On one day, I counted all of the useless rules, and so I decided to learn Papa’s tools
On a shadow of the man walking front of me, was trampled on, where I was a fool

And hey, I remeber I threw up my feelings
For what lays ahead of the goal, waiting
Ah, you remember that agreeable laughing
Of rotten singularity

Debris of decency scattered all around me
Sorely thinking on, I had raked it all in, see
I was thoroughly soaked, reflected in all the rain
The color of crimson had stained

What I had found previously, before don’t you know
My question was scratched out by a cat in quite a show
My voice fiddled ’round hiding in the darkness
That you pretended not to hear

Mr. Demon, come here hey, how about a hand you say?
Make sure to watch your step, don’t go astray
Mr. Demon, come here hey, how about some greed you say?
Together, how about we have a little fun and play?


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