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Original Title: ソレイユ (Soreiyu)

Producer: Toraboruta/TravoltaP/トラボルタ

Vocal: Rin

Translation ref: AmeSubs

NND | YT | Karaoke

With those eyes clad in sorrow, a god of death speaks up as so
“Is it you who’s to save me?” he asks, fighting on so sadly

From darkness, the pain, you feel and wish you’d never felt
Even its appearance is terrible, and don’t know how it’s dealt

The girl shines just like the sun, Without moving, she doesn’t run
As she offers out her hand, she smiles and speaks all so grand

“It’ll be alright,
I’ll take on your darkness tonight
And your form will change to that of a bird of light

You can go now, go fly free, wherever you wish in the sky, happy
And if you’ve no destination in mind, then coming with me’s perfectly fine”

A white bird, flapping its new wings, following her wherever she’s going

Many more await to be saved from their darkness
And the girl reached out to every last one of them

In a sky full of pure white birds, following the girl as a herd
With a body dark as the night, the girl falls, losing the last of her sight
The darkness which she overtook, consumed her body whole in its nook
At last she used up all her strong will, she began to turn colder still

Grieving birds consume her darkness, all at once, it disappears again

Flying in the high sky, black birds cover all of the sighs
You still glow a bright golden shine, after all, you are Soleil


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