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Original Title: アフターグロウ (Afutaa Gurou)

Produced by: Zauni (ざうに)

Translation used by: SoD

Vocal: IA

NND | YT | Karaoke

You fumbled, clumsily, and you drown in the inorganic sea
In another world, you closed your eyes, and sneered at the world with me

This arm minced everything, made all my heart’s and my mind’s debris
And all those fabricated lies you tell are colored vividly

Too far, too far, away
I can’t even see you beyond the mist that masks the day

Your lone voice, sinks so far, in the afterglow
In reverb, swimming ’round, is a human sea

I fumbled, clumsily, and I float in this isolated tank
In this world of ours, I hid my bruised hands, and I had let them sink

Too far, too far, away
I can’t even see you beyond the mist that masks the day

My lone voice, sinks so far, in the afterglow
In reverb, swimming ’round, is a human sea

Cut deep, killed in its whole, this heart feels nothing more
Myself, I take out, deep loneliness forever more

Distant voice, sinks so far, in the afterglow
In reverb, swimming ’round, is a human sea


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From PolyphonicBranch’s song and site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/shoudou.html

(Impulse x Pandemonics song translyrics (on this blog))

Rough, rough translation. If there’s something majorly wrong, please correct me.

Very much related to Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade.


Here is the fictional town of [Tokyo].
Within the hustle and bustle, a corner of the city was hidden.
Standing out among the towering skyscrapers, the dazzling mirror-glass
windows reflect the modern buildings.
Regularly, people are sucked into the building.
It’s an excellent company where the good people work for anyone who knows (?).
Dozens of elevators go up and down busily, moving to a spacious hall.

Moving to the intricate passage from the hall, one can enter a room with
several doors that require security cards.
There is only a single elevator running.
Descend into the basement that requires fingerprint authentication.

When you arrive, the air is cool, and is always cold here.
Maze-like passages are lined with a number of metal doors.
All soundproofed, sounds can’t be heard.
The only sound is your own footsteps.

Standing in front of one door, the door is unlocked with fingerprint
authentication and opened.

Information collection is perfect.
Over the years, I’ve been preparing for this time.
What’s important, I’ve already forgotten.
Even how to pray to god.

…So, soon the stage will begin.

Weapon: Walther-PPK

No.2 of the organization
Cool and cruel. A high calculation
Dislikes children
Between his beliefs and the intentions of the organization,
There’s conflict.
Donates large amounts to the orphanage,
And the reason is unknown.

Weapon: Liu Yoto

Belongs to the organization, having followed Luka.
Strong. Very strong presence [in many ways] near KAITO.
Always concerned about KAITO’s doings?
Anyways, is strong.

Weapons: Heckler&Koch MP5-A3, M36 Hand Grenade

A sister who was a volunteer in an orphanage
Likes children
Has a necklace with the same cross Miku, Rin, and Len have
Favorite phrase is “I dedicate this prayer./This is a prayer.”

Yuzuki Yukari
Weapons: Any cool weapon

A weapon maniac but without talent
Concealed a weapon in her skirt because,
Something’s momentum is overlooked or,
There isn’t much of a risk.
Although she and IA were childhood friends and “friends forever”,
IA was mechanized after an accident and was gone.
It was different, and she was saddened.
Has always cherished a teddy bear.
Spastically longing for something cool.

Weapons: 山金造波文蛭巻大太刀(号-四郎丸)(Some sort of sword that I’ll figure out later)

A loner.
Currently being hired as an assassin to the organization.
Can handle anything if there’s a request.
Wants to experience the thrill as Epicurean/Hedonist? (Epicureanism Wikipedia link)
If it was Luka who asked him to follow the organization,
It’s a mystery.

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Original Title: Shoudou x Pandemonics (衝動×パンデモニクス)  *Pandemonics, I assume, is a way of saying something like “Pandemonium-like things”.

Song by: PolyphonicBranch

Translation used by: SoD

Vocals: Lily, Yukari, MEIKO, KAITO, VY2

NND | YT | Karaoke (need a piapro account)

(Also, it may be a while before I can actually sub this myself. YT annotations editor as well as annotations never loads for me, so I’d have to hardsub.)

Special site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/shoudou.html

Very rough translation of special site: https://translyrical.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/impulse-x-pandemonics-prologue-and-characters/

Moving from silence, little bit by bit, everything is only beginning to turn
Always crossing lanes, black and white mix plain-ly drawn to one another

Don’t get distracted, this intention’s dynamic, just who am I speculating?
Those names, obey, a gaze, near-deaths, all dive into and in the night, meet
Now, are you ready yet?

What knows the secrets is a key that will denote Pandora’s corruption
Sword tips clash, intersecting, destructive impulses boiling

Waiting, waiting, I have always been right here waiting for you
And now, in just a blink of an eye, a moment of this life glows through a tiny gleam, I knew

Swirling crazy hurricane, it swallowed every assumtion and plan we had made
Dreams already dead began to disolve, like our bittersweet scheduled and planned lives revolved
Finger on the trigger, a gunshot rings, sound still lingers, I aim for the burden of the grief and roar of such things
I can no longer turn back, no repeats, so please, so please, give us a happy ending, I plead
Ah, we won’t let you escape, the bond’s been broken already

Repeatedly said, mutt’ring in my head, preperations you’ll find acceptable
Deep in the evening, deeper than it seems, just what is it you that will awaken to?

Fingers traced your cheek, saying not to speak, spun an immoral melody
I bowed my head and prayed, that my past could be saved, showing God its mud-stains from my past

We’re attracted, what a mess, but uncertaintly, our love’s powerless
The reverb never stops resonating, and pulls us in, closer

Rolling Rolling, the world will turn in such cruelty
The flower blooming in my heart, beaten into a new moment of life

Swirling crazy hurricane, blowing away such nonsense we muttered today
Absolute cold froze the flame in my heart, but that flame burns blue, as if it had from the start
In a moment that fluttered about, it colored the night no doubt, covered my ears looking for solitude all on my own
And the scent you left, still resting on my chest, has not yet burned away. There, I hope it rests
So come, as our beloved bullets are fired away

And after the gunshot rang, there was nothing but silence.
Those days we laughed together, those days I can’t return to
I stood in utter shock, and soon my tears fell, unable to stop
Just where in the future will I fall too?

Swirling crazy hurricane, swallowing everything, love and hate, all the same
Don’t stop the voice if it can reach us, for sure, and relentlessly, they’ll arrive in trust
Although we should have forgotten, I remember all the important things, so why does it hurt so much? I don’t know!
From this thread I’ve recieved, it was yours, reaching you, just maybe we are still connected
Ah, soon the curtain will rise on this stage and dawn will come


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