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Original Title: 夢で逢いましょう Yume de Aimashou


Producer: PolyphonicBranch

Vocal: Miku

Translations ref: Coleena Wu, SoD

NND | YT | Karaoke

If we were to meet in a dream, what I’d tell you most of all
Thousands of words following this theme: my one love as I recall

If we were to meet in a dream, why don’t we walk together?
Through the meadows and by the stream, our hands holding the other’s

In the depths of a forest deep, sits a white church waiting, where
A bell of our happiness rings, our smiles reach everywhere

If we were to meet in a dream, us two will sleep, as it seems

If I were alone, can’t walk on my own
So give me a push on the back, won’t you please?
A golden sunset lights the sky before night
Blurs right through my tears and sight

I’m wrapped in light casted by the moon, and you know, then time really flies
Gently melting and disappearing soon, my thoughts and feelings will rise

Today, while alone
I dream a never ending dream


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