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If you haven’t heard yet, Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade is being turned into a novel, due for release on the 30th this month! It’s being written by 石沢克宜, who also wrote two Kokoro novels and a Secret Police novel. If you order from Animate, some bonus post cards/art cards illustrated by MONQ are included (I don’t believe Amazon offers the same goodies, unfortunately (I might be wrong about this)).

Here’s a rough, rough translation of the summary and characters. If anything’s incorrect, let me know and I’ll fix it asap.

“I, for the people who love, continue to live”
Here is the fictional town [Tokyo] — Three years ago, in an area devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, the corner of 24th Bay Area, Miku lived with and mutually supported twins Rin and Len while poor. To try to make life easier, Len started detective work. Be certain to elaborate some of your requests with him. And then, behind the scenes, there are two shadows… It’ll engulf the fate of them all, and the stage’s curtain will rise!

The male twin of Rin, born in the orphanage. Plays the role of older than Miku(?), he will stand up and take action to this and that, but will be idle as well.

The female twin of Len, born in the orphanage. Met Miku in the orphanage, felt to have strong ties with her. Loves sweets.

Lost her parents at an early age, grew up in the orphanage. From certain circumstances, she made it a rule to not put too much emotion on the table.

Executive of the mysterious organization “Pandemonics”. Personality is cool and cruel. Calculates everything, doesn’t love people.

Executive at the same organization as KAITO, the armed presence. Strong in all aspects. Sometimes can get deep/important information from just a side glance.

Devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, a landfill vigilante bundled woman. Looks cool with deep humanity, a cat lover.


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