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Across the sky

Producer: ImamaP (イママP )

Vocals: Luka

Translation used: Disrearche

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Over a weekend trip, the weather forecast swayed with a calm grip
I didn’t need an umbrella a second time equipped
Caught so high up in the sky, reflected by the footbridge, we would fly
A city’s hussle and bustle was such a fuss, and leaving, I had sighed

If you have noticed yet, hey (yeah, hey)
In that little gap hidden in a mundane day
A day like that can remain
The everyday seems like garbage compared to this plane
Get going!

Opportunity can be found in a dream
And once in a while, a sweet love will gleam
Off of my allured eyes, waves of glitter sparkle and bounce
Stained with a sunny blue sky was summer’s wonder, I recount

Such a high number an updraft climbed to in quite a wonder
And echoed everywhere as I inhaled the wind, never in a blunder

Continuous melody (lody)
And I’m so inclined to hear it, see
Shining bright high, in the sky
And to a blusing cheek, a gentle kiss, I fly

And suddenly

As my heart skipped a beat, I laughed so lightly
Changing with the season, vapor trails sightly
They float on the horizon all summer long
So send an invite to me
To hear the heartbeat of summer’s song

Pointing and reaching towards the light
In a fully booked jet plane
On the flight of a lifetime!

High in the weightless blue sky (blue sky)
It all seems so small from above
Promise me that you won’t allow
Yourself to let go and fly off to heaven for a while now
Not for a while now

So high!!

My emotions burst, incompleted yet contented
Overlooking the world with you that had written for me
A painting on a mirage canvas, that’s exactly how it went
On a surface running across the sky

Don’t get in our way as we run about, dear
An echoing voice and light steps are engraved in my ears
Everything, as well as it could be, was projected loud and clear
Bursting unlimited freedom came shining from the bright summer sky


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