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Original Title: 慟哭トリガー Doukoku Turigaa

Producer: PolyphonicBranch ft. Miku, Rin, Len

NND | YT | Karaoke (You need a Piapro account)

Special site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/doukoku.html

Rough translation of special site (on this blog)

Now come listen, the story’s only beginning
Are you ready yet? With a finger on the trigger
“And a reality just like this lingers”
Even a curse won’t change things any quicker

Cyber Brainwashed Synergistic Reaction
To the sweet trap around where you’re at, please be sure to pay attention
It’s a hidden all-wire wrapped contraption
“A pretty good one in my own abstraction”

Just what are you trying to get by causing pain to someone else instead?
I see that look of grief while gazing at the moon up ahead
And what is breaking these strong bonds, even thicker than my own crimson blood?
It’s even better for you to lose what you want to protect once you’ve already begun

1.2.3 soaring, running on out, so as to not be eroded away in the world
Believing in only my own heartbeat, I have to keep running on through
Still, there are feelings that remain within me, and they all ran back and combined in a whirl
Fears, impatience, and hiding all the scars too
Seeking the target where this little bullet’ll be fired away

Following the thin little line of light, I wonder if praying will tell me anything?
Someone, tell me the meaning behind making the sign of a cross, won’t you please
Or what exactly is it that the birds swimming in the sky are to symbolize
I still find myself standing here, with such muddy hands, wiping all my tears away

It’s just the boundary line of evening, closer than you would think
Because the light shone ever so gently, didn’t even notice (yeah)
Birds all locked up in a cage would never, ever forget the dream that flying was
An echo of that voice doesn’t disappear, and now my chest tightens around the buzz

1.2.3 soaring, running on out, with the proof of someone’s existence in hand
Dragging out what was created from fate, the meaning of why we were born
Who was it that wound the spiral of the clock, that had remained stopped for so long? I don’t understand
Cruelty, inferiority, sorrow-worn
Take aim, shooting to kill, this little bullet was fired away

When the seed of loneliness sprouts in time
Memories of nostalgia arise
A baby’s hand traces these lingering shadows of mine
Like breaking a building block, it shatters, this past of mine

3.2.1 soaring, running on out, while being eroded away little by little
Moonlight pours down on this very night, as my tears welled and spilled out away
It’s those heavy chains named fate that keep all these feelings tethered together in triple
Still I find it’s a pretty sort of array
And all to protect you, this little bullet was fired away

Also, the original video description says “For you, I hope the world is interesting/exciting.”


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Translyrics for PolyphonicBranch’s new Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade song “Shrieking Trigger” are here (on this blog).

Special site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/doukoku.html

As per usual, keep in mind this is a really rough translation. If anything’s majorly incorrect, let me know so I can fix it right away.


Here is the fictional town [Tokyo].

On the 24th Bay Area city block sits one of the few hospitals
A four story brick building
One can climb up to the roof and the built in penthouse from the outside stairs.

Three people huddle together, alive and living
It was their refuge as there was no other orphanage

Len was impatient
He wanted to become their full-fledged support of life early

One day, Len began the pretending basis of a detective industry, and recieved a

“I want to find a man”

-Two people’s shadows behind the scenes
-Corporation “Pandemonics”
-They were looking for
-The traitor who took the important organization data

When speculation and thought intersect, the story begins to move

Hatsune Miku
Weapon: Colt-M1911A1 Government Model

Lives in a penthouse on the roof while working as a clerk in the hospital
Not good at smiling/doesn’t smile easily because she’s been suppressing emotions from a young age
Special skills include typing at super speed, and concentration
Usually since her hate is noticable, she slows down as much as possible
Has the strong feeling of wanting to protect Rin and Len

Kagamine Len
Weapon: Walther-MPK

Just a child, but feels frustration in his helplessness
Began the detective business, with the idea of wanting to be useful for Miku in mind
Goofy, but with a strong sense of responsibility
Twin brother of Rin, but no matter how you look at it, is the older one.

Kagamine Rin
Weapon: Mono-monecular wire

Twin sister of Len
Loves sweets, spends every day doing nothing(?)
Somewhat of a bad mouth, but seems to feel a strong bond with Len and Miku in fact
The type to not drag too much emotion along

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