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Original Title:  アフターナイト ワンダーランド afutaanaito wandaarando

Producer: 糞田舎P (kusoinakaP)

Vocals: Miku

Translation we used is by: animeyay@animelyrics

NND | YT | Karaoke

With thicker makeup, trying an unordinary styling
If my usual shoes would look as nice to others, I’m wondering
My heart won’t stop dancing, but you seem to cry despite smiling?
How wasteful everything is if we can’t even enjoy it a bit

With your hand’s warmth, I’m at ease, but still my heart goes crazy
And here I’m treated like a triple-V.I.P, aimed to please
An after five showtime, the climax reaches its apex, oh
If this thing’s not gonna be resolved, why not wait for the next show?

Not even noticing the masses waking from a dream, you alone stay seated before the scene
Holding an invitation to such a special time,
So let the gate open up to the night

Afternight Wonderland, not a game in the end
It’s starting, a parade of just us two begins marching
Let’s hold hands tonight, and dance under moonlight
Until we can’t even remember a thing
Until morning

By the normal horror house, rails cut of the roller coaster
As for a souvenir, how ’bout a lucky bat charm or a poster?

As we stare at one another mirroring each’s gaze, the endless night keeps on in a daze
If we avert our eyes, everything will melt with regret
Please, morning, don’t come yet, don’t let me wake up yet
Let’s take off and run from the morning’s light
Into the night

And the merry-go-round, will stay forever wound
I wonder if I caused it to break, from its gears to its sound
Can I get an eternal pass to this place?
Is stopping time really all that impossible?

Concluding party time, prefer this dream of mine
I want to keep dancing in this place, instead of saying bye
Afternight Wonderland, not a game in the end
It’s ending, a parade of just us two is concluding
And that’s all we have for tonight, Soon, everything will be in the morning light
And ever so slowly it’ll all


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