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Traveling Mood

Original Title:  トラベリングムード Toraberingu Muudo

Producer: whoo feat Miku

NND | YT | Karaoke


And now from this moment on, I’d like to go somewhere far away and travel on, I think

Leaves sounded and fell, hitting my umbrella as well
The sunlight from the ended summer rippled out with a farewell
With only the sound of my own feet I wandered ’round
As if I was following something across the ground
These seasons spinning on through, are like a wheel turning too
…on the hill road

And now from this moment on, I’d like to go somewhere far away and travel on
And that way, then our days
Will be like that cloud today, will be traveling away
And completely fade

Your cheeks, your face, your sigh, becomes the same color of the sky
(As I can see)

While I try to block away the light of the moon, it will stay
Caressing wind the whole way
Touching your short fluttering hair throughout the day, touching your hair the whole way
The way it blew, I wanted the memories to stay

Before I even realized, the words cracked and memory flew from my eyes

Then without saying a thing, we held one another’s hand softly, I think
Softly, we held hands
Softly, we held hands
Softly like that cloud and, look there!


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Original title: メテオ Meteo

Producer: じょん (John Zeroness) feat Miku

NND | YT | Karaoke

It struck midnight as time played on
the clock murmured, ticking its song
Tick tock, tick tock, telling the start
Of dreams, with ring-ing from the heart

Gazing above the clouds out there
About an uneven town where
Somewhere, faintly flickering away
Is a lone stray who lost their way

And, as we can, as we search everywhere for you, we sing away
Maybe so, maybe so, for our distant voices to be delivered one day

On the night a meteor shower rains
A northern wind blows through the streets of a city scape
And without word from the person we wait for today
We just wait again another day

Flying by, stars pull wishes through the night
Scattering throughout the sky, rippling in great light
So that we, while we close our eyes and go to sleep
Can come to see such happy dreams
A new straight line, another one
Weaving through the clouds, from the sun
Countless-ly twinkling as they go
Lights born, they fly, put on a show

Footsteps, voices calling out cries
Everyone comes, opens their eyes
How many do you think we’ll see?
Everyone wished tonight, I think

And, though we know one another well, the two of us cannot meet
Far away, in a town, you’re standing all alone there in the same pouring rain as me

On the night a meteor shower rains
The sound of rain swallowed up all voices the same
And we, who close our eyes but cannot go to sleep
Were looking up to the sky glittering

Seven colors of stardust intertwined
and from the earth, a booming echo will chime
As the sound echoes ’round, like fireworks blooming
Like confetti, in the sky, fluttering

Outside lights that are left to strobe on and
Clouds that are swelling ripple out like waves then
Floating water flowing, and the hair that’s swaying
Many flocks of birds, going away start flying
As if they’re foreshadowing a miracle
The miracle they yearn for, the mother hugs her child tenderly
Who lept to their feet instantly, trembling, but so eagerly
And I can only stand still and watch them while
half asleep, my memories surround me flowing
All the steps I’ve recovered over time
I just think of you to help me brightly shine
Until the time that this body’s gears will
Stop moving altogether, when I’ve been deprived
So strongly, thinking of you, I’ll always be thinking strongly of you

On the night a meteor shower rains
Northern wind carries lights of a city scape
And we, who close our eyes but cannot go to sleep
Only wish for the next day following

Crying voices of stardust intertwined,
and ringing in my ears finally breaks and then
I could not hear a thing in the soundless scene
All within this never ending dream

On the night a meteor shower rains…
If we hold these little hands together and say…
The stars will deliver our wishes to…
To the distant skies, heavens, from both me and you
And call for a happy morning too

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on the rocks

Producer: OSTER Project feat. KAITO and MEIKO

NND | YT | Karaoke


Paralyzed suddenly on the corner of the street,
My eyes wandered up to the stifling sky
The same as ever office work routine
Makes my breath clog up before I sigh

By chance, wandered into a back alleyway
As if it were attractively glowing bright
An exciting situation goes on in the depths of today
As it always does every day and night

Desires heat up and sizzle here, intersecting, crossing ways in this place
Our heated gazes intertwine right here too, don’t you think?
It’s all kinda like a cocktail of feeling

Within the
Intoxicatingly sweetened mood, I’m falling head over heels for you
These boring rules built up around us, melted away, with the ice too

I wonder, am I the woman who’s fated to you?
Well then, tell me, just which number am I?
A “once in a lifetime encounter” is
Far too cheesy of a pick up line

Again today, it seems like I’ll be pulled ’round
By that mysterious magic pulling the strings
It’s enough for everything to dissolve down
Even melting my cold, love philosophy

Overflowing from my heart to my ears, I can feel my face turn hot, red as a beat
Your sigh leads me astray, as always you’re, confusing me
To the point where I, cannot turn back anymore

So tonight
Throw away the you who’s uptight, get naked and join me in the mood
The world that exists beyond our glasses, is becoming more daring that usual too

on the rocks
With a gesture, teasing along, saying: “since the night is still young”
After we stare into each’s eyes so long
You know that I like it strong

Heat arising from our desires, intersecting, crossing ways in this room
Let’s just forget about time and let me indulge with you
Mixing together like a cocktail of our heat

on the rocks
strip down from your dress that’s so tight, get naked and join me in the mood
Today’s a double rather than a single, and scorches as it slides down my throat

on the rocks
The mood matches the beat perfectly, the beat of love pounds throughout you and me
On this hot steamy night, so stimulating
You know that I like it strong

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Waltz of the Tour Around a Star

Original Title: 星巡りのワルツ  Hoshi Meguri no Warutsu

Producer: GYARI feat Rin

Original Lyrics: Rina

NND | YT | Karaoke*

*Must be bought


While singing, together, we walked up, that hilly road in a dream
I still search for you there, all alone under the pitch black night sky
Spinning round, spinning round, I was stained black as the night above me
My precious light, flickered out right as I lost it that day, I had cried

A distant memory kept running through, along with the shooting star flying by too
You and your lovely smile burned into my mind, I won’t forget you

And right now, fly away, fly away, off to the distant stars in the sky
You who’s dazzling in every way, I want to meet you again someday

The last one, your letter, written in light, that you had given to me
I still look for it there, all alone under the starry night sky today
Kept swaying, back and forth, as I ran out of strength to move forward
And by then, the last ray of hope, had already faded away

The world already collapsed under me, swallowed into the black void of uncertainty
In the darkness of depression and despair, I had found you

Fly away, fly away, as far as you can go
I was able to see you, so I could say all my goodbyes to you

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Scramble Full Panic

Producer: GYARI feat. Rin

NND | YT | Karaoke*

*for the off vocal file, you must buy the CD “Scramble Full Panic” for the username and password to use on a link here.


when the noon bell rings again today, the scenery around me starts to change
And now, I open my eyes
Even the land I was struggling to reach for
Is now shrouded by darkness too

Swallowed whole by a fate trying to squirm free
If the hope of life and living were to just disappear right before me
Higher than anyone, I will leap and soar to find and
know the answer

Run through, keep moving, forward beyond all of time at any cost
Do you remember the missing dream you once had lost?
Once more, hold on tight, to those fragments now in your hands
That ignited the light within your withered heart and keep
living on

Time stood at a stand still and then, before everything can even begin
I started to move ’round
So that my voice will reach that land, as loudly
As I can manage, I will scream


Throwing the doors open of the fate that keeps swaying
Because right there, faintly, I swear, I saw a certain hope before me
So I took the last single step closer, and at that moment I
had reached the end

What I held, what I grapsed so tightly in the end after I ran through
That radiant light is slipping through my fingers, you
Turned to me, startled me, and asked what I needed to hear simply
“Is this what you really wanted in the end? Truly?”

No way!
“This is not.. it’s not supposed to be this way!” I cry
In the very moment the world begins distorting
Your only…your only life, you handed over, your only life for me, you gave your life for me
With you living on inside my fulfilled heart forever, I’ll
keep living

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Miracle Paint

Original Title: ミラクルペイント Mirakuru Peinto

Producer: OSTER Project feat. Miku

NND | YT | karaoke


A canvas painted with twilight
I saw a sunset dyed with red wine go down,
on my way back home
And as far as your heart goes
I can’t help but wonder if it’s painted the same colors as mine?

And so tonight,
We’ve got plenty of time as soon as the night turns blue
And all I want to do is spend all of my time with you
Take a deep breath in, let’s sit back and watch closely in all the passion
As it all begins

a miracle painting, miraculous show time
With a stroke of my brush as we dance, I’ll paint you
a magical trance
From the tips of my fingers, as I glance,
I’ll paint with all the colors of you

Wearing my favorite dress tonight
I’m basking in the starry sky’s limelight all night long
Showing it off
Dancing through the sky on my toes, with pride as we go
All while staring at you desperately, happily

And so tonight
Is going to be more romantic than ever before
Wearing makeup to compliment my eyes that you’re sure to adore
So just hold me tight, as we pile up all the layers of our love tonight
We’re getting brighter

a miracle painting, miraculous romance
This magical brush stroke, painted from above, contains all my love
From the top of my head, everything of, mine is a color for you

Tonight with you, these countless dreams
built up before we knew how many we could see
They overflow, these feelings of you
Can’t count them all, can’t say them all
Can’t tell them all, ’cause I don’t have enough yet

And that’s why, this isn’t even close to end!

a miracle painting, miraculous show time
With a stroke of my brush magically, you’re entranced already
Even more and more, I’ll give you more, my colors that come from me

Please don’t let it end yet!
a miracle painting, captivating technique
I’m still making the finishing touches, so wait a sec!
And when I’m done, I can tell you my true, feelings from my heart too:

I love you!

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