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Composer: kyo
Lyricist: Yoshie Isogai
Arranger: kyo

Song from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, for Masque:Rade. (wiki page) M@STER version to come.


you are my destiny, wanna be your everything
don’t stop my pure love, wanna be your only love

Eyes, always watching you
Forever, forever,
Locked onto your view
Knowing all there is about you
That you do, that you knew
Everything through and through

From your face, the expressions that you make
Your every move, habits, actions that you take
Know that I love everything
Let me be the only one to see

Can you feel my sweet heart?
Even when we’re apart
There’s no stopping this love destiny between you and me
Starting with “good morning”
and “Good night” in the evening
All of me is dedicated to you, for eternity

So why don’t you show me
Always show me more please
And that way, I’ll shine more and more and more and more for you
Whether it’s out pouring
Whether the sun’s shining
All my love is dedicated to you, forever you

you are my destiny, wanna be your everything
don’t stop my pure love, wanna be your only love


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Translyrics for PolyphonicBranch’s new Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade song “Shrieking Trigger” are here (on this blog).

Special site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/doukoku.html

As per usual, keep in mind this is a really rough translation. If anything’s majorly incorrect, let me know so I can fix it right away.


Here is the fictional town [Tokyo].

On the 24th Bay Area city block sits one of the few hospitals
A four story brick building
One can climb up to the roof and the built in penthouse from the outside stairs.

Three people huddle together, alive and living
It was their refuge as there was no other orphanage

Len was impatient
He wanted to become their full-fledged support of life early

One day, Len began the pretending basis of a detective industry, and recieved a

“I want to find a man”

-Two people’s shadows behind the scenes
-Corporation “Pandemonics”
-They were looking for
-The traitor who took the important organization data

When speculation and thought intersect, the story begins to move

Hatsune Miku
Weapon: Colt-M1911A1 Government Model

Lives in a penthouse on the roof while working as a clerk in the hospital
Not good at smiling/doesn’t smile easily because she’s been suppressing emotions from a young age
Special skills include typing at super speed, and concentration
Usually since her hate is noticable, she slows down as much as possible
Has the strong feeling of wanting to protect Rin and Len

Kagamine Len
Weapon: Walther-MPK

Just a child, but feels frustration in his helplessness
Began the detective business, with the idea of wanting to be useful for Miku in mind
Goofy, but with a strong sense of responsibility
Twin brother of Rin, but no matter how you look at it, is the older one.

Kagamine Rin
Weapon: Mono-monecular wire

Twin sister of Len
Loves sweets, spends every day doing nothing(?)
Somewhat of a bad mouth, but seems to feel a strong bond with Len and Miku in fact
The type to not drag too much emotion along

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If you haven’t heard yet, Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade is being turned into a novel, due for release on the 30th this month! It’s being written by 石沢克宜, who also wrote two Kokoro novels and a Secret Police novel. If you order from Animate, some bonus post cards/art cards illustrated by MONQ are included (I don’t believe Amazon offers the same goodies, unfortunately (I might be wrong about this)).

Here’s a rough, rough translation of the summary and characters. If anything’s incorrect, let me know and I’ll fix it asap.

“I, for the people who love, continue to live”
Here is the fictional town [Tokyo] — Three years ago, in an area devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, the corner of 24th Bay Area, Miku lived with and mutually supported twins Rin and Len while poor. To try to make life easier, Len started detective work. Be certain to elaborate some of your requests with him. And then, behind the scenes, there are two shadows… It’ll engulf the fate of them all, and the stage’s curtain will rise!

The male twin of Rin, born in the orphanage. Plays the role of older than Miku(?), he will stand up and take action to this and that, but will be idle as well.

The female twin of Len, born in the orphanage. Met Miku in the orphanage, felt to have strong ties with her. Loves sweets.

Lost her parents at an early age, grew up in the orphanage. From certain circumstances, she made it a rule to not put too much emotion on the table.

Executive of the mysterious organization “Pandemonics”. Personality is cool and cruel. Calculates everything, doesn’t love people.

Executive at the same organization as KAITO, the armed presence. Strong in all aspects. Sometimes can get deep/important information from just a side glance.

Devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, a landfill vigilante bundled woman. Looks cool with deep humanity, a cat lover.

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From PolyphonicBranch’s song and site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/shoudou.html

(Impulse x Pandemonics song translyrics (on this blog))

Rough, rough translation. If there’s something majorly wrong, please correct me.

Very much related to Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade.


Here is the fictional town of [Tokyo].
Within the hustle and bustle, a corner of the city was hidden.
Standing out among the towering skyscrapers, the dazzling mirror-glass
windows reflect the modern buildings.
Regularly, people are sucked into the building.
It’s an excellent company where the good people work for anyone who knows (?).
Dozens of elevators go up and down busily, moving to a spacious hall.

Moving to the intricate passage from the hall, one can enter a room with
several doors that require security cards.
There is only a single elevator running.
Descend into the basement that requires fingerprint authentication.

When you arrive, the air is cool, and is always cold here.
Maze-like passages are lined with a number of metal doors.
All soundproofed, sounds can’t be heard.
The only sound is your own footsteps.

Standing in front of one door, the door is unlocked with fingerprint
authentication and opened.

Information collection is perfect.
Over the years, I’ve been preparing for this time.
What’s important, I’ve already forgotten.
Even how to pray to god.

…So, soon the stage will begin.

Weapon: Walther-PPK

No.2 of the organization
Cool and cruel. A high calculation
Dislikes children
Between his beliefs and the intentions of the organization,
There’s conflict.
Donates large amounts to the orphanage,
And the reason is unknown.

Weapon: Liu Yoto

Belongs to the organization, having followed Luka.
Strong. Very strong presence [in many ways] near KAITO.
Always concerned about KAITO’s doings?
Anyways, is strong.

Weapons: Heckler&Koch MP5-A3, M36 Hand Grenade

A sister who was a volunteer in an orphanage
Likes children
Has a necklace with the same cross Miku, Rin, and Len have
Favorite phrase is “I dedicate this prayer./This is a prayer.”

Yuzuki Yukari
Weapons: Any cool weapon

A weapon maniac but without talent
Concealed a weapon in her skirt because,
Something’s momentum is overlooked or,
There isn’t much of a risk.
Although she and IA were childhood friends and “friends forever”,
IA was mechanized after an accident and was gone.
It was different, and she was saddened.
Has always cherished a teddy bear.
Spastically longing for something cool.

Weapons: 山金造波文蛭巻大太刀(号-四郎丸)(Some sort of sword that I’ll figure out later)

A loner.
Currently being hired as an assassin to the organization.
Can handle anything if there’s a request.
Wants to experience the thrill as Epicurean/Hedonist? (Epicureanism Wikipedia link)
If it was Luka who asked him to follow the organization,
It’s a mystery.

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From PolyphonicBranch’s song and site: http://polyphonicbranch.com/tokusetsu/dennoutanteidan.html

(Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade song translyrics (on this blog))

Rough, rough translation. If there’s something majorly wrong, please correct me.

EDIT (9/28/12): Weapons were updated and are now rather specific. Here, they’re listed second.


This is the fictional town [Tokyo]
A light fog takes the city corner
The sight of the battered buildings isn’t lost as one climbs the deserted concrete stairs
On an old door hung a sign that read “Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade”

Background checks, providing business information, finding people, a partner/opponents’s research property,
searching for a stray cat, successive consultations ride through, etc.

If it’s trouble, we’d even repain the toilet!! Len will.

Depending on the reward, we also accept consultations that can’t be requested from others…

In a room with white smoke, winking at one another
Tonight’s project might be a little flashy
When the hands of the clock point to the top
Seven people stand up without a signal

Come now, we’ll start

Hatsune Miku
Weapon: Valletta, Colt-M1911A1 Government Model

Brought up in orphanage, lost parents at early age
Brilliant, calm
Very expressionless, doesn’t show much emotion
Good at watching the behaviour of the other members
(the responsibility was) thrust upon her [as well as being boss]
Unusually hates being sympathetic, in fact
Lives alone
In certain events, the detective brigade leader

Kamui Gakupo
Weapon: Japanese sword, Douji-giri Yatsuna Shadow Stroke(?) (A specific type of Japanese sword)

Heir to a prestigious family in an old town
Couldn’t stand to leave home, but slowly/eventually left
Smooth talker and sociable contrary to appearance
Is familiar with all fencing/swords, but in favor of using the Japanese sword
Secretly yearning to be like Ishikawa Goemon (a semi-legendary outlaw hero)
Doesn’t appear to give off great kindness to Miku
Looks after a lot…or at least he intends to.

Len Kagamine
Weapon: One handed machine gun, WALTHER-MPK

Met in an orphanage with Miku
In a collaboration without consequences of thinking, finally acted,
But would be fooled or trapped
Often angers IA when disturbing the strategy
Outstanding athletics, but reckless
When he gets out of this town, he wants to become somebody someday,
He says he dreams

Rin Kagamine
Weapon: Diction thread, Mono-molecular wire

Twin sister of Len, met with Miku in the orphanage
Loves candy and sneaks expenses into the office
Soundly scolded by GUMI about her waste often. [But doesn’t care]
In the orphanage, well liked, but always alone with string/wire
Learned wire technology from someone
Believes Detective Brigade wants to/can help somehow
Has a strong bond with Len and Miku

Weapon: hand rifle, Beretta-M92FS

Gakupo introduced to members of Detective Brigade
Reason of her obsession with money,
No one knows
Responsible for the calculations and accounting with a good nature
Present enemy is the embezzling demon-Rin
Usually relies on an older member, but sometimes goes into a fit of rage and fear

Weapon: small knives, Master of Defense LTC875 (M.O.D LTC875)

Lost most of her body in some kind of accident
At that time, died (or thought to be dead), parents left (?)
Heritage was the missing part of the brain, now mechanized
Takes cases that don’t need machines
She says for efficiency, but her real intentions
are not clear
Sings a song she likes in an undertone

Megurine Luka
Weapon: machine gun, Winchester-M1897 Shotgun

Was a member of the drug cartel there
For whatever reason, escaped
Washed ashore in this city with a new name and nationality
In an accident, rescued IA, and in its wake
Became involved in the Detective Brigade
Coolness is split and is deeply kind
Cannot leave an abandoned cat alone [Secretly keeping it]

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Original Title: スリー・ピース・ホロウ (Surii Piisu Harou) English title could be read as either Three Piece Hollow or Sleepy’s Hollow

Producer: DJ GENMAI

Vocal: Yukari, IA, Miku

NND | YT | Karaoke

Although it was whole, this heart broke my soul
And though some things are, it was confirmed and scarred.
Mirages compared, one by one they fared.
Water ripplings disappear.

Knowing of my part, with this frozen heart
Hand on my warm heart, I relied from the start
Within the darkness, I hid in ashes
Waiting to be awoken.

Ich werde sein, jemand ist? (I will be, someone is?)*
Like all the humans I knew, but dyed a bloody crimson through

So they could protect, themselves they perfect, their armor they wear proudly
Dropping down from the neck, what was there, forgotten
Tattered ‘yond repair, crushed into the air, what’s happened to my piece?
I’m not looking for anyone.

Undermined again, this body amends.
Giving up my plan, as a flock we ran
Claws and fangs sharpened, crawling in darkness,
Eating what was ripped, scattered ’round.

Closed up once again, this body amends
Warmth that was once there, isn’t felt anywhere
Inside of a dream, only one was seen
I wait to be awoken.

Ich werde sein, jemand ist? (I will be, someone is?)*
I have rotted away, and there’s no other place that I can stay

So they could protect, themselves they perfect, pointing their swords to the sky
Holding up your opponent, was all forgotten
Tattered ‘yond repair, crushed into the air, what’s happened to my piece?
Where, oh where did I drop it?

Living alone today, I know I’ll die someday
When it’s only an uncertainty
Nobody, but of he, also, see, there unrequitedly

I will die one day, I know I’ll die one day, I know I’ll die one day
That is me.
Nothing more, nothing more, nothing more, do not leave me

Ich werde sein, jemand ist? (I will be, someone is?)*
It is like staying alive, except when I’ve come to pass through

So they could protect, themselves they perfect, their armor they wear proudly
Dropping down from the neck, what was there, forgotten
Tattered ‘yond repair, crushed into the air, what’s happened to my piece?
I’m not looking for anyone.

So they could protect, themselves they perfect, pointing their swords to the sky
Holding up your opponent, was all forgotten
Tattered ‘yond repair, crushed into the air, what’s happened to my piece?
Where, oh where did I drop it?

I’m not looking for anyone.

*These lines… Google says they’re in German, and gave a pretty bad translation, then I edited it so it sounded at least a little correct. If someone has a better translation of that line, please let me know!

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Original Title: 明日、僕が死んだら Ashita, Boku ga Shindara

Producer: Kuroda Asin (黒田亜津)

Vocal: Miku Soft, Dark, and normal (Chorus; Luka, GUMI, Miku Dark)

NND | YT | Karaoke

I looked up, to the sky trying to find a bird so blue
Despite quitting, I didn’t stop.
The sky too, it’s dyed a deep blue, and my chances are nigh.
I realize that it seems, in a world like this, that I
Am not the main character of this story
And the weather keeps changing on and on, but does not because of me.

I say that I’m not afraid to die, living so
If you are to me, you know,
We will keep moving on and on?
I’ll say that it’s the good people who die early on
But if you look at my corpse, you can see its regret.

Tomorrow, if it’s the day that I die
And finally from this boring world, I will be
Rid of it for good.
Tomorrow, if it’s the day that I die
I suppose that’s okay with a sigh, you know
Finally it’s over I understood

Everyone dresses like one another, the same
And “I’m different from the rest”
Is insisted again.
But sometimes, those gears are of the same game
Of a single thought, claiming to be the best
That can wait until I’m dead, I thought inside my head.

Although I’m irreplacable in this world of ours, I am
Condiserably less in fact, passing the hours
Looking out a window that I
Couldn’t enter on my own.
In front of me, I have a pure white canvas to see
In its own way it’s
Bewildering to me.

Tomorrow, if it’s the day that I die, but
And surely nothing will change, I try
But hey, I pretend I don’t know
I will keep spinning round and round
Just I’m not familiar with sadness that resounds, you know. It keeps piling up around me.

What I wanted to do was so very different
Like a perfect crime in cyber terror
Of those I don’t like a bit;
To stop thinking and, go on hitting, me
To stop thinking and, cry down on my knees
To stop thinking and, always be angry,
To stop thinking and, laugh at what I see
Becoming someone I could believe in

Tomorrow, if I live another day
Why would it change on such an array, for I am
Just one gear in the entire world, alone.
Raise your voice and stand up for something no one else would before, you’ve known
Tomorrow, if you live again.
If no one beyond the night
Would arrive in the morning alright, then
Surely something would have changed.

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